Business and digital strategies
Realizing demanding targets and planning change processes in good time


In a VUCA world, characterized by great uncertainty and dramatic changes, it is difficult to anticipate all developments.

But now more than ever, clients need clarity about how their business partners are developing, while employees, like managers, need guide rails for the decisions that have to be made every day.

This demands smart business strategies that describe a common target vision and the assumptions made for reaching targets, and that enable agile, iterative target achievement. Accordingly, business leaders have to review their strategies more often in order to be sure they are steering in the right direction.

We are convinced that in the future the principle “every business is a digital business” will apply, because digitalization is changing business activities so fundamentally. This means that in the future there will be fewer stand-alone digital strategies, but fully integrated digital business strategies instead.


The most important questions relating to strategy development are:

  • Which strategic targets should be highlighted? Building up market position, increasing customer value, operational excellence, building up a sustainable organization?
  • Which vision of the future do we have from the market environment? Which requirements do our customers demand; how will other actors in our ecosystem position themselves; which technological trends will influence the market environment?
  • How can digital technologies be used to optimize current business or develop new business?
  • How can conventional and new, digital business be combined with each other in the process?
  • How can a strategy supported by all departments be developed while keeping complexity in check?
  • How can we ensure the strategy is going in a stable direction medium-term and at the same time, react with agility to influences and changes that occur at short notice?