Initial situation:

The client acts as a central office for product and brand development on behalf of numerous shareholders from the publishing environment, as well as in a network resulting from this construct with other directory media. According to the company’s own information, there are already numerous internal ideas and approaches for the further development of the brand and product range. However, there is no vision and no strategic basis on which to align and prioritize future activities.

Due to its specific market knowledge, GP+S was asked to conduct a market and trend analysis, and to show the client potential digital thrusts.


GP+S Services

  • Status analysis of the client’s initial situation and condensation of the findings into an analytical basis for further action
  • Presentation of the market structures of the current directory market in Germany
  • Differentiation of the client from the obvious market participants and classification into competitive clusters
  • Consolidation of findings on usage behavior and need structures on the part of end customers and advertising companies
  • Development of stakeholder clusters with the aim of identifying potential partners and cooperation approaches
  • Condensation of the most important trends in the extended online environment in order to better assess developments in the competition on the one hand and to be able to identify our own approaches to conquering new, innovative areas on the other
  • Presentation of concise best practices from the German and international market
  • Creation of a summary SWOT analysis, as a basis for the subsequent development of differentiation measures and for a realistic assessment of the starting position on the way to the vision
  • Sharpening of the common understanding of realistic target scenarios and definition of vision and time of the envisaged target achievement
  • Identify strategic approaches to support the vision



  • Summary of the client’s initial situation from a neutral, external perspective
  • Structured overview of the directory market in Germany, as well as identification and evaluation of future trends
  • Aggregated presentation of the analysis results in a SWOT analysis, as a basis for further action
  • Target scenarios derived from the analysis results and definition of a vision supported by all participants
  • Thrust directions aligned with the jointly defined vision, as a basis for concretizing the identified digital business areas