Initial Situation

  • Our client was a regional energy supplier with a broad commodity and service portfolio.
  • Our customer’s sales division had so far focused on commodity sales.
  • It was intended that the sales division should take over marketing and sales for significant parts of the service portfolio, which were previously “produced” and sold by the service-providing group divisions.
  • The objective was to lay the foundations for the future marketing of energy services and technical services (EDL/TDL) under a new strategic sales approach. In particular, it was necessary to work out on which EDL/TDL services the sales focus should be placed on in the future.


GP+S Services

  • Analysis of sales channels, portfolio structure and pricing
  • Preparation of a detailed competitive comparison and identification of the optimal product positioning
  • Modeling of a margin model based on product-related contribution margins
  • Development of a new pricing model and model variants with different price points as well as calculation of budgets for promotions
  • Analysis of the portfolio impact on new customer business



  • Review of all relevant B2B services in agile project formats with a large number of participating business units and employees.
  • Description of the services with regard to their core aspects from a market/customer perspective – to a large extent expanded to include the most important elements of the business model.
  • Evaluation of the services with the highest potential based on detailed business case calculations.
  • Recommendations for action for further structuring of the overall portfolio and market approach.