Initial Situation

Our client, a leading publishing company, is currently facing significant changes in the online usage behavior of customers, in the media landscape and in the competitive environment, and will continue to do so in the coming years. Against this backdrop, the client would like to examine the extent to which readjustments are necessary, particularly in digital business approaches, in order to position itself successfully in the competitive environment for the future.

For a discussion with the supervisory board, the most important developments in the market environment are to be analyzed for this purpose, as well as initial conceptual considerations for the further development of the company’s digital strategy.

Due to its specific market knowledge, GP+S was asked to support the client in this project.


GP+S Services

  • Structured analysis of the current situation and trends in the defined topic areas: Overarching megatrends; Online user behavior; Trends in the media landscape; Online marketing and social media; Online business.
  • Derivation of action approaches from the individual analysis findings and identification of initial options for digital measures and thrusts for further development of the digital strategy.
  • Strategy workshop with the client to present and evaluate the analysis results, and to discuss and supplement the strategic options identified.
  • Detailed elaboration of the strategic options based on the workshop results.
  • Creation of an evaluation grid to compare the individual options.
  • Consolidation of the individual options into an overarching strategic thrust for online and offline business.
  • Classification of the elaborated strategy draft and the associated implications for the customer, in its overall strategy.



  • Structured overview of the latest developments and trends in the relevant market environment.
  • Detailed documentation of the thrust directions developed for the online business.
  • A jointly supported assessment of the prospects for success of the individual development options.
  • A strategy paper with a digital strategy integrated into the overall corporate strategy.
  • Conducting a comprehensive analysis of trends.