Initial situation

To ensure its competitiveness as a grid operator in the long term, our customer wants to implement a new digital processing platform. As part of this project, a market survey is to take place prior to the tendering phase in order to compare the functional and technological fit of the offerings of various software providers with the requirements of the grid operator.
At first glance, all solution providers offer the relevant features, are state-of-the-art and differ little from each other. As part of the market exploration, the aim is to embark on more structured and focused exchange with selected providers


GP+S Services

  • Support in sharpening the objective and clarifying the project scope (mission clarification)
  • Assistance in identifying the topics and issues to be explored, in order to evaluate the vendor solution against the requirements
  • Structuring and prioritizing the topics in order to design the agenda and methodology for a workshop series per provider (e.g. gap analysis: provider solution vs. capability maps)
  • Execution of the workshops and structured condensation and documentation of results
  • Retrospective on the first workshop series to derive optimizations for the further procedure



  • Concrete understanding of the range of services and the ability of the providers to deliver – based on which it can be explored whether there is potential for a deeper business relationship
  • Insights for the design of the tender and clarity about outstanding issues that need to be clarified in the run-up to a tender
  • Procedure model and templates (blueprint) for a comparison of providers in the context of future market explorations