Initial Situation

An innovative provider of e-procurement and sales software solutions was planning to enter the German market. Since they did not have an overview of the market structures in the German market at the time, GP+S was asked to support them in elaborating the strategic basics and the required marketing and sales concept.


GP+S Services

  • Conceptual design and development of the company and product positioning (value proposition) for the German market.
  • Identification and evaluation of attractive market segments and the corresponding target company criteria.
  • Definition of a concrete market and segment development strategy.
  • Development of a communication concept to increase brand awareness in the target segments and generate leads for the solution offering.
  • Design of various digital and classic advertising tools (sales app, homepage, brochures, trade fair booths) and management of external service providers in the creation of the individual tools.
  • Identification of target companies and decision makers in the relevant target industries and planning as well as support in the implementation of the sales approach.



  • A coordinated, integrated marketing and sales concept that is synchronized with all customer interfaces within the company.
  • Fast and effective market development through the potential-driven prioritization of the market segments that are to be addressed and the prior determination of corresponding contact data.
  • Relief of the management and the small sales team through decision-making aids based on well-founded and prepared strategic recommendations for action, as well as through support in the selection of service providers for the operational implementation of the measures decided.