Initial Situation

A leading vendor of telecommunication services for consumers was facing the challenge to synchronize its strategic initiatives of single product lines within one consolidated business unit strategy and plan.
An aggregated planning tool for sales volume, costs and revenues should back up the strategy planning process and support the further implementation steps of the strategy.


GP+S Services

  • Analysis of market situation and market development for the single product lines: broadband internet and voice, mobile voice and data services as well as internet entertainment
  • Gather existing market data and get introduced to the single strategic perspectives of the product lines in personal interviews
  • Evaluation of major trends for buying and usage behavior, technology, competition as well as for regulations and the supply chain of telecommunication providers
  • Capturing and evaluation of the current strategic approach during strategy workshops with the executive management
  • Identification of critical fields in today’s business as well as for future business development
  • Development of the business unit strategy for the next three years together with the executive management
  • Based on this overall strategic direction, development of single strategic product-roadmaps in workshops with the heads of the product lines
  • Development and coordination of a quantitative business case model with a medium-term perspective in terms of sales volume, costs and revenues
  • Preparing a top management presentation of the medium-term strategy for the management team, shareholders and investors



  • Improved understanding of strategic opportunities and challenges in the analyzed product lines as well as in the whole market segment
  • Got the strategic framework to focus all involved resources on the key drivers of today’s business and of planned business areas
  • Consolidated planning tool for consistent and systematic planning of sales vol
  • Consolidated planning tool for consistent and systematic planning of sales volume, costs and revenues
  • Development of a joint and jointly agreed understanding of the strategic milestones within the management team and executive board
  • Presentation of the business strategy to all stakeholders – especially to all employees