Initial Situation

A medium-sized player in the German market for rating portals and its media partners would like to take advantage of the weakened position of its most important competitor to bring itself into a market-leading position through a targeted initiative. The goal of market leadership is to be achieved by making the best possible use of existing opportunities. In addition, the company is to refinance itself to a greater extent in the future.


GP+S Services

  • Development of strategy, action plan and business case:
    • Socio-status analysis and analysis of the German market for rating and recommendation portals: market structures, usage behavior and need structures, competitive overview, stakeholders & potential partners, trends and best practices.
    • Preparation of a summary SWOT analysis as a basis for the development of differentiation measures and for a realistic assessment of the starting position on the way to market leadership
    • Development of the strategic plan for conquering market leadership in Germany based on the objectives and the findings of the analysis: definition of market leadership, KPIs, strategic approaches and success factors
    • Derivation and evaluation of requirements and measures to implement the strategy, as well as consolidation of the individual measures into a comprehensive action plan
    • Creation of the business case to evaluate costs, potential revenues and growth figures
    • Condensation and preparation of overall strategy, action plan and business case into a management-ready decision document
    • Support and sparring during market entry:
    • Project management and operational implementation tasks, as well as conceptual and content-related support
    • Support in building up organization and competencies and filling new positions
    • Development of brand positioning and validation with the target group (focus groups)
    • Support in the development of a new brand identity (brand name, logo, design)
    • Development of communication strategy and support in the implementation of communication measures (website, product brochures, etc.)



  • Sound and condensed analysis as a basis for strategy development
  • Overall strategy with the goal of market leadership with concrete action plan for the go-to-market and defined success factors
  • Business case that provides an insight into which expenditures are to be made and when and in what form of monetization the corresponding revenues are to be expected
  • Positive management decision for the go-to-market
  • Market entry with new brand presence within half a year