Initial Situation:

“We need transparency about the upcoming changes and a comprehensible format to bring the many stakeholders along” – with this objective, a listed energy supplier started the implementation of a complex digitization initiative. The strategy had been formulated, and the relevant success factors had been identified. What was not visible was which prerequisites for achieving the strategy were already in place and which were still needed, nor were the priorities of the individual strands of action in the overall context. The process required broad participation of very different stakeholders, coordination had to take place across disciplinary boundaries, everyone had to be able to recognize the common goal and work towards it.


GP+S Services

  • Introduction of the capability-based format of the notation, deliberately compact and in simple language
  • Structuring of the presentation based on the success factors, presentation in an overall view, initially as MVP using PowerPoint and Excel
  • Professionalization through the introduction of user-friendly cloud software, incl. differentiated user role model
  • Moderation in the description of the necessary capabilities: “What must the company be able to do in order to achieve the transformation goal?”
  • Broad methodology coaching and active knowledge management, scaling of the IT-supported methodology across the entire group
  • Establishment of a continuous process to update and continuously clean up the capabilities



  • Establishment of an agile platform for communication, planning and management of the transformation
  • Transparency – all required, existing and to-be-developed capabilities visible at a glance
  • Structuring of the capabilities along the success factors – clear assignment and delimitation of fields of action
  • Focus on the most important fields of action, through intelligent search and filtering in the presentation
  • Communication between stakeholders and within the organization – the overall picture is visible, comprehensible and can be continuously developed further