Initial Situation

A leading energy company needs a solid frame of reference for discussing and communicating future developments and required organizational adjustments in the form of capabilities.


GP+S Services

  • Identification of relevant scenario fields and key factors
  • Development and description of core assumptions on developments over the next 10 years
  • Discussion of the lead scenario with relevant stakeholders to substantiate strategic considerations and decisions
  • Description of extreme scenarios for robustness of findings
  • Deriving and describing capabilities required in the future
  • Leading workshops with relevant staff and client management to discuss and solidify findings



  • Understanding of impact factors (scenario fields and key factors) relevant to future changes in the energy environment.
  • Coordinated and jointly supported picture of the future for the next 10 years (“future world we believe in”)
  • Understanding of the interplay of impact factors and future picture and thus the possibility of estimating changes in the overall picture if the characteristics of individual assessments change (in the case of unforeseen events or for simulation)
  • Sound picture of organizational capabilities required in the future
  • Frame of reference for strategic considerations and decisions