Initial Situation

A utility corporation was facing the challenge of a declining relevance of conventional corporate communication. Markets are growing in the digital world, the pressure to innovate is increasing, companies must stand out from the crowd. In addition, the reach decreases due to media fragmentation. Companies must offer their customers transparency and opportunities for participation.

The introduction of content marketing and a newsroom organization were identified as a suitable approach to strengthen the reputation and trust in the brand among the appropriate target groups. Internally, more efficient work processes and a flexible organization for increasing output were to be created.


GP+S Services

  • Strategy development: Development of a newsroom target vision, planning for scaling as well as specification of roles and responsibilities
  • Orientation on the triad “data-driven, target-group focus, topic relevance”
  • Fundamental work on processes, target groups and virtual collaboration
  • Pilot phase: Establishment of an agile and collaborative way of working, creation of framework conditions for the newsroom operating model as a basis for content production
  • Test and Learn: Continuous optimization of collaboration and processes according to the newsroom operating model, expansion and consolidation of the approach for scaling
  • Change Management: Consistent support with storytelling and anchoring of the transformation as well as internal project marketing
  • Conduct of Capability Mapping with the core team: change of perspective, communication and identification of required business capabilities in the CAPAMAP tool
  • Operational support in Paid Media



  • Significant increase in all defined KPIs (publication rate, website traffic, qualified visits, brand perception)
  • Establishment of transparent processes within a successfully introduced, viable newsroom with long-term topic planning
  • New agile working methods in cross-functional teams
  • Establishment of a Paid Media division