Initial Situation

A supplier of content management software marketed its solution as part of individual projects to large enterprises. This approach led to just a few, however big projects – with a high ratio of individual consulting and implementation services sales  . In order to increase the software license revenue the vendor planned to provide a more standardized product and to market its solution also to medium sized companies.
This decision implies to sell the software also through indirect channels which have access to mid ranged companies. As the client only had little experience with indirect sales partners, he decided to take advantage from external expertise and asked GP+S to support the initiative. Task for GP+S was to evaluate the feasibility of the involvement of indirect sales channels and to develop an appropriate sales and distribution partner concept.


GP+S Services

  • Definition of basic parameters for the sales concept: Target markets, sales objectives, product portfolio, complementing service portfolio, roles and responsibilities, etc.
  • Definition of key requirements for sales partnerships: – competences, qualification, available resources, locations – and development of an preferred partner profile
  • Identification of suitable sales partner types and search for first sales partner companies as pilot partners
  • Development of a model for sales conditions
  • Development of organizational structures, sales support processes and interfaces for the sales partnerships
  • Development sales support concepts and tools, including marketing activities and a partner qualification program



  • Detailed overview of the sales channel landscape for software sales in Germany – as basis for the indirect sales channel decision
  • Detailed list of potential sales partners as platform for partner recruiting
  • Detailed list of potential sales partners as platform for partner recruiting
  • Integrated indirect sales channel concept, discussed and agreed on by all relevant departments of the company, as platform for an efficient implementation
  • Operational set of sales enablement tools for a professional start of the sales partners
  • Know-how transfer about indirect sales channels to the responsible project team of the client