Initial Situation

With the goal of systematic customer centricity and digitization, an energy provider had fundamentally renewed its Sales-IT:

  • Customer interactions could now be designed in an integrated way across channel changes
  • Customer knowledge was collected across all customer interactions and was available for campaigns along the customer journey
  • Offers could be combined more quickly and displayed individually

This resulted in the need to

  • Quickly acquire new knowledge to the necessary extent
  • Redefine roles and decision-making scope
  • Reorganize the collaboration model
  • To develop new ways of working and to gain a broad commitment within the teams


GP+S Services

  • Developing a common vision and level of ambition for transformation
  • Creation of a professional “home” for all change topics in a central team as a bridging function
  • Self-assessment of the status quo in the transformation topics by the operational teams
  • Development of a transformation roadmap with goals and milestones in
    • Transparency/communication
    • Enablement/training
    • Scaling, starting from an MVP approach in organizational and collaboration formats
    • Community building for networking and anchoring
  • Implementation of operational measures on the ground, with executives and operational teams



  • Tested new ways of working and organizational structures in an MVP approach, scheduled implementation of the new matrix organization with reimagined leadership roles and agile teams
  • Broad commitment of employees to the changes
  • Anchored knowledge of goals, measures, and learnings from change
  • Creation of transparency on future skill needs for optimal set-up of cross-functional teams