Initial Situation

Increasing price and service transparency in the access product market is leading to a decline in margins and an increase in the willingness to switch contracts. Our customer, an international Internet service provider with 3.5 million pay-as-you-go customer contracts, was therefore looking for answers to three questions:

  • How can price transparency and comparability in performance in the core connection product be resolved through attractive bundles?
  • How can the increasing willingness to switch in the market be used to attract new customers, and what insights can be gained from this to promote the loyalty of existing customers?
  • What other products can be marketed to boost the customer potential?


GP+S Services

  • Customer-centric use case analysis for the current customer base: Which demand situations exist along the customer journey in the current segment, offer approaches for valuable cross- and up-selling bundles?
  • Analysis of switching movements and triggers, development of a differentiated movement matrix in the portfolio
  • Business modeling – development of portfolio scenarios, calculation of offer components, analysis of portfolio impact, derivation of the impact on new customer acquisition and existing customers
  • Testing of new offers
  • Decision preparation
  • Go-to-market – translation of the specifications into a program of measures for marketing, technology, operations, services



  • New bundle offers in the portfolio, based on additional addressable use cases from the customer’s point of view.
  • Differentiated portfolio for new and existing customers, including a granular view of the financial impact / business case
  • Development of go-to-market plans for additional commodity offerings
  • Better addressed customer needs, optimized customer lifetime value