Initial Situation:

Our client, a leading energy company in Germany, recognizes the challenge of making its customer management increasingly customer-centric. Decentralized approaches are already being used. This knowledge is to be brought together and based on a uniform methodology, Customer Journey Mapping is to be anchored as a central tool among all teams and across departments.

The goal is to:

  • Improve the customer experience in the long term by thinking about and improving the customer experience holistically along the entire customer lifecycle
  • Progressively empower all employees across departments to identify relevant touchpoints through customer journey mapping, uncovering breaks in the customer experience and improving the customer journey
  • Sustainably embed the acquired knowledge as well as the corresponding mindset


GP+S Services

  • Building methodological knowledge in different areas: Consistent elaboration of different customer journeys – to optimize existing customer journeys as well as to support product development from the customer’s point of view
  • Establishment of a customer journey mapping toolbox: Development of a customer-specific approach and detailed guidance with examples and templates in a central “toolbox”
  • Enabling of employees: Broad coaching and implementation of trainings throughout the company for practice-oriented exercise of the procedure
  • Establishing a continuous process: Integration of Customer Journey Mapping into the regular work of the teams
  • Inclusion of GP+S expertise and creation of synergies: Networking with other activities at this client, so that, for example, measures are implemented efficiently and existing best practices from the energy industry and other sectors are drawn on



  • Continuous improvement of the customer experience based on the developed customer journeys
  • Program of measures with a holistic view of process, communication and organization derived from the customer journey mappings
  • Structuring of existing knowledge into a uniform methodology
  • Broad anchoring of the methodology in the company based on a common understanding of relevance and procedure – across the boundaries of departmental silos – as the basis for anchoring a customer-centric mindset
  • Initiation of a long-term development for the elaboration of processes from the customer’s point of view