Initial situation:

“We want to move away from opportunity-driven product delivery to professional marketing, aligned with the most promising target groups and based on a balanced and customer-focused portfolio of offerings. This realignment includes defining an overarching strategy, aligning sales with target groups, and improving the collaboration and processes of all employees involved.”


GP+S Services

  • Concretization of the strategic vision and target image “e-mobility”
  • Derivation of strategic core beliefs and a market development strategy
  • Conducting workshops and case analyses on market, offerings and business models
  • Joint development of user stories as a basis for the subsequent derivation of a market entry strategy and strategic thrusts for roadmap planning
  • Detailed analysis of target groups and their buying and usage behavior
  • Creation and optimization of target groups by comparing attractiveness and developability
  • Development of sales go-to-market planning for prioritized user stories (target groups)
  • Creation of a solution matrix according to target group requirements vs. technical possibilities
  • Segmentation and tiering of the portfolio according to technical features, components, pricing and charging models
  • Anchoring new products and services in sales and customer service and creating training materials and marketing rationale



  • Adoption of a market access strategy and business model
  • Definition of prioritized target groups and individual measures based on profiles
  • Definition of the product and service portfolio and the realization roadmap
  • Ensuring cross-functional collaboration and elaboration of the harmonized delivery process