Initial Situation

Commodity digital sales offer few customer touchpoints. To create a better understanding of customer needs and behavior, the energy service provider decided to market hardware components from the “Smart Home” domain in addition to the classic product portfolio of electricity and gas. These offered an evident proximity to the core business and an opportunity to gain insights into further revenue sources and customer loyalty approaches.


GP+S Services

  • Selection of the portfolio of offerings to be marketed
  • Selection and connection of fulfillment partners for store and logistics
  • Conception and management of the implementation of all relevant online and offline marketing activities
  • Definition, description and implementation of all underlying new processes
  • Implementation of a focused product campaign management to refine insights on buying behavior



  • Successful implementation of the marketing, logistics and billing processes
  • Selection and continuous optimization of a precisely fitting offer portfolio
  • Acquisition and action-oriented evaluation of customer insights and derivation of alternative customer approach logics
  • Increase of reach, attractiveness and sales figures