Initial Situation

A telecommunications company was planning extensive investments in the scope of a fiber optic network expansion (FTTH). In an overarching project, all aspects that had to be considered for an optimal implementation of the expansion were bundled. To design the relevant processes in product management, the customer perspective was to be integrated into the target processes through a market-side requirements analysis.


GP+S Services

  • Requirement analysis of the target processes relevant for product management
  • Process design and fine specification of these processes
  • Development of a communication concept for the implementation of the new processes



  • Coordinated product roadmap for all upcoming fiber optic topics and projects
  • Complaint and goodwill management concept (process flow, complaint scenarios, goodwill framework, etc.)
  • Comprehensive product reporting for fiber optic products, with focus on sales and marketing management
  • Proven initial billing runs for FTTH products
  • Documented customer communication for initial FTTH billing runs