Initial Situation

The core business of the energy supplier does not offer sufficient growth prospects for the foreseeable future. The large customer base of increasingly digitally affine customers and the high level of customer trust form a viable basis for the development and testing of new digital business models. One of these models to be tested is the gradual evolution from energy supply business to digital contract optimizer.


GP+S Services

  • Evaluation of initial idea approaches for marketing potential and strategic synergies within the group of companies
  • Decision preparation and decision making in top management
  • Staffing of a complete business team with Commercial and Technical Lead, Product Owners, UX / Frontend, Solution Designers / Backend Developers
  • Management of extensive market acceptance tests
  • Preparation of the spin-off decision



  • Establishment of an effective cross-functional team to test digital business approaches.
  • Close integration and knowledge transfer between agile team and core organization
  • Competence building in bot technology and AI, as well as corresponding customer perception
  • Scalable MVP