Initial Situation

In order to defend and further expand its position as a leading nationwide energy sales company in Germany, our client had to compete against strong competition: Base suppliers who are increasingly pursuing customer retention and competing suppliers who are very actively investing in new customer acquisition. This gives rise to two main challenges:

  • How can new customer acquisition be further optimized?
  • How can existing customers be retained even more strongly?


GP+S Services

  • Establishment of a panel with 50 test customers for electricity and gas, distributed among the most important competitors.
  • Recording of competitor customer communication (measures and messages) in a structured form across the entire customer journey.
  • Evaluation of communication measures and processes in a competitive comparison to identify best practice measures.
  • Identification of potential risks due to weaknesses in the company’s own communication or due to sales measures of competitors.



  • Identification of concrete courses of action for optimizing the customer approach.
  • Improved new customer acquisition due to optimized guidance of the new customer through the switching process.
  • Increased customer satisfaction due to more comprehensible communication geared to customer needs.
  • Reduced effort (time, cost) in customer care due to fewer service requests and customer complaints.
  • Identification and implementation of new approaches to retention, prevention and win-back.
  • Early detection of competitor activities.