Initial Situation

To more efficiently manage the existing customer segment from a product management perspective, the implementation of a comprehensive business reporting and KPI tool was required that would provide a 360 degree view of the control logics of the individual campaigns through integration and consolidation of mass data.


GP+S Services

  • Recording and structured collection of the various data sources that flow into the costing of the different, target-customer specific campaigns
  • Review of campaign costing logic across all products and customer segments
  • Consolidation and documentation of results
  • Definition of business requirements
  • Development of KPI calculation logics
  • Definition of data and reporting requirements for stakeholder interfaces
  • Implementation in the self-service BI environment of Microsoft Power BI Desktop to manage existing customer business



  • Establishment of BI supported reporting based on mass data (Power BI Desktop), which enables an E2E business view
  • Creation of a KPI map for the existing customer business
  • Setup of KPI reporting for campaign pre- and post-calculation
  • Building an end-user forecast model including interim and post-calculation as well as benchmark analysis