Process development for the exhibitor recruitment

Development of an optimized process to win exhibitors for a global fair organizer

Industry Sector: Exhibition & logistic organizations
Services: Processes & Organization

A fair organizer successfully arranges big fairs at home and abroad including globally leading fairs. The recruitment of exhibitors currently takes place on a project-to-project basis under the lead of experienced fair managers.

The goal is to standardize the recruitment process company-wide and to identify potential for optimization regarding the process design and the roles of involved employees. With this new process the fair organizer is looking to:

  • establish a standardized and aligned procedure for the recruitment of exhibitors across events and organizational units (nationally and internationally)
  • digitalize the process, implemented in a following step via a new CRM-system
  • improve the selection and composition of exhibitors at its fairs, e.g. to realize higher exhibition stand rents and to provide more attractive event programs
  • attract more international exhibitors
  • offer employees a clear structure to increase the efficiency of their work
  • Analysis of the current recruitment process based on expert interviews with fair managers and other involved departments
  • Structured documentation of the current process and identification of ideas for improvement
  • Design of the future process for exhibitor recruitment
  • Structuring of activities and results in each step of the process
  • Definition of roles and responsibilities in each phase of the process (RACI method)
  • Foundation for the digitalization of the exhibitor recruitment process in a CRM system
  • Uniform understanding of all activities involved in the exhibitor recruitment
  • Clearly described and aligned roles and responsibilities within the exhibitor recruitment process
  • Recommendations for organizational changes in the exhibitor recruitment unit and the sales division in general


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