Improved online lead generation of a software supplier in the B2B environment

Execution of an as-is analysis, a competitor benchmarking and the development of recommendations to improve the success of the existing e-marketing activities.

Industry sector: IT
Services: E-marketing concept

A leading global supplier of software solutions for 3D constructions and product development aims to increase the leads for one of his core products online.
The software provider already uses e-marketing methods to generate leads but is not satisfied with the results. Therefore, the GP+S client wanted to better understand the potential value and the suitability of alternative communication methods for lead generation in the B2B environment in order to realign his lead generation.

  • Assessment and evaluation of the existing e-marketing measures for the core products of the manufacturer, especially e-mail marketing, search engine marketing and online advertisement
  • Benchmarking with the e-marketing activities and online advertisement of the most important competitors
  • Derivation of recommendations and proposals to optimize the existing e-marketing activities
  • Description and evaluation of new communication methods to generate leads in the target group
  • Directly applicable recommendations to increase the return on investment of the e-marketing activities
  • Precise, individually prepared checklists to optimize the current e-marketing measures to support an efficient briefing of own resources
  • Recommendation regarding an adapted online marketing mix, aligned with the core product and the target group to increase the success of the lead generation
  • Better understanding of the success factors, possible applications and limitations of the most important e-marketing methods and tools


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