Analysis of the market potential for a machine-to-machine communication solution

A technology supplier has developed an innovative machine-to-machine communication solution for one specific application scenario – GP+S investigates the market potential for the new solution.

Industry Sector: Exhibition & Logisitic organizations
Services: Analysis of the market potential

A technology start up company, specializing in embedded information technology, has developed a new and innovative solution for mobile tracking of goods.

The funding of further development hinged upon an in-depth business plan that would substantiate the solution’s market potential. GP+S was asked to assess the European market potential for this specific solution through an analysis of secondary statistical data combined with interviews of potential target customers.

  • Development of the analysis concept and scope in collaboration with the customer. Generation of hypotheses for the application scenarios and the corresponding target segments: logistic companies with highly sensitive and/or perishable goods
  • Determination of the number of companies in the relevant segments based on research and evaluation of secondary statistics; evaluation of the number of European shipments suitable for monitoring by the client’s solution
  • Assessment of competitive offers and differentiators
  • Design and execution of a primary analysis: telephone interviews with shipping companies in several segments: validation of market potential, review of technologies currently in use, assessment of the attractiveness of the client’s concept
  • Deduction of market potential and market adoption rate forecast
The client obtained a substantiated assessment of the new solution’s market potential. This assessment serves as a key component for the client’s business case as well as for negotiations with possible investors
The detailed and differentiated description of the market segments provides a sound foundation for further marketing ideas and sales planning
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