Even though manufacturing industries have decades of experience in digitizing processes, they now enter into a fourth industrial revolution empowered by new technologies and networks. Beyond anticipated gains in productivity, Smart Industry gives way to fundamentally new business models where whole manufacturing ecosystems work in an interconnected way never seen before. The creation of innovative solutions and services for customers, suppliers, and their partner networks is enabled by massively available data that can quickly be analyzed, combined and leveraged for significantly expanded overall system control capabilities. Such solutions and services provide the foundation for new, highly attractive business models for manufacturing companies as well as for customers, suppliers and partners along the value chain.

Smart Industry – the current status
Some digitization pioneers in manufacturing have implemented Smart Industry applications, but most of their projects are at the pilot stage or still in the planning phase. There are several new competencies that companies need for Smart Industry, including expertise in new digital technologies and in networks as well as in interdisciplinary innovation and collaboration. Some companies have already invested in and established such competencies in-house, while others seek access to such competencies externally in partnerships and industry working groups. Still, most companies appear reluctant or find it difficult to grasp the range of implications that digitization imposes on their business.

GP+S offerings in Smart Industry
GP+S knows what it takes to develop Smart Industry business models that deliver, and provides the required insight into markets and customer needs. GP+S supports companies in identifying and understanding Smart Industry use cases – from approaches like Predictive Maintenance and Augmented Human Operating to new customer-centric smart service business models. Our offerings focused on Smart Industry projects include:

  • Analyzing trends, actors, and market potentials
  • Assessing a company’s Smart Industry readiness
  • Identifying new business opportunities
  • Developing comprehensive Smart Industry strategies

You are invited to get to know GP+S and our approach in an initial workshop on Smart Industry potentials. Together, we will define the next steps for bringing Smart Industry to your company.

GP+S competencies
GP+S supports customers through strong analytical and broad methodical competencies as well as comprehensive expertise in Smart Industry use cases. GP+S delivers value where know-how and collaboration across business units are paramount. Our consultants – including industrial engineers, digital experts, marketing strategists, and business people – have a broad range of professional backgrounds and expertise. GP+S provides the right mix of competencies, interdisciplinary skills, and insights that are key to multilayered Smart Industry ecosystems and business models.