Challenges the energy sector is facing

The turnaround in energy policy revolutionizes the market structures of the entire industry: From central to decentral, from static to dynamic, from consumer to prosumer – the value creation within the historic core business is under great pressure and forces all market players to cost-optimize their business processes.

Meanwhile, increasing competition from discount energy suppliers and energy service companies is eroding customer loyalty. New market entrants, from sectors such as online business, retailing or telecommunications, will increase competition even more and try to attract customers with new service offerings. Increasingly, the energy industry competes on price and performance at the same time – much like the telecommunications industry.

The two mega trends, digitization and mobile, are fundamentally changing the buying behavior of customers and companies. This increases the importance of service quality within the customer life cycle.

Energy suppliers need to reinvent themselves if they want to survive in this market environment in the long run. To do so, they have to enforce change in many areas simultaneously and resolve potential conflicts of interests. These may occur between cost savings and efficiency gains on the one side and professional multi-channel customer management and the development of innovative services on the other.

GP+S services for Smart Energy
GP+S supports energy suppliers in seizing the opportunities presented by digitization and to redefine their market position as a smart energy provider:

  • Development of a digital strategy: Master plan, detailed action recommendations and ideas for new business opportunities and digital measures for customer interaction.
  • Setup of company-wide innovation management: Establishment of processes for product development and close interaction of internal and external innovation competences.
  • Elaboration of offerings and market development strategies for individual target groups: Product development and market launch of innovative energy solutions for private and commercial customers.
  • Bundling of offerings and services: Basis for cross-selling and digital customer interaction.
  • Optimization of customer interfaces and creation of customer delight: Development of customer experience Management.
  • Optimization of customer communication: Consistent and sustained use of digital contact channels.
  • Development and value-based controlling of sales and customer service activities: In the domestic market and development of new markets outside the traditional core supply area.

GP+S competencies
We continually analyze the latest digital trends and developments within the energy sector and other industries. Together with managing directors or division managers, we develop future visions for their companies.

With our focus on market-driven digital strategies and by applying the design thinking method and developing data-based customer insights, we identify new business models.

Smart meter solutions, digital customer portals, smart home products, bundling solutions for decentral energy management, virtual power plant concepts, broadband services – GP+S has supported the successful launch of numerous innovative products for clients from the energy sector.

An active member of the BITKOM working group “Connected Home”, we are always up to date with the latest smart home developments.

We also bring into the energy sector our long-term expertise of the telecommunications industry – a market that has already gone through many transformations the energy sector is facing today.

Problems can never be solved with the same way of thinking that caused them.“ Albert Einstein