Content Marketing – an answer to the struggle for attention in a digital world
Websites, blogs, forums, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube – an increasing amount of easily accessible content leads to a struggle for the attention of users. Many companies react and try to provide high-quality content – that is strongly relevant to their target groups – in order to stand out from the oversupply of information and messages reaching the users every day. This is important because the attention of users enables companies to interact with them and to reach their goals is areas such as image building, customer loyalty and lead generation. It is especially striking that although the bulk of companies uses content marketing as an instrument, only a minority has a clearly formulated strategy.

Requirements placed on a Content Marketing strategy
A number of questions need to be addressed before and during the development of a content marketing strategy:

  • How does content marketing fit into the marketing mix?
  • What kind of content is relevant for which target group?
  • How to make sure that the produced contents provide a clearly recognizable added value?
  • How to provide a sufficient amount of new content on a regular Basis?
  • Which structural requirements have to be established within the Company?

GP+S services for strategic content marketing
GP+S helps answer these questions and provides support along the way to a strategic Content Marketing approach via the following services:

  • Content marketing stocktaking: Analysis of existing content marketing instruments and their matching with content marketing goals and existing plans
  • Market and customer analysis: Assessment of specific target groups regarding their content preferences (relevance, added value). Comparison with the content offerings of key competitors
  • Development of a content marketing strategy: Target system, guidelines for creating, formatting and distributing content, performance tracking
  • Implementation of content marketing measures: Design and creation of stories, protagonists and formats. Setting up a content pool and a content calendar. Selecting and setting up the channels
  • Creation of processes and organizational concepts for content marketing: Company-wide processes for an efficient content marketing approach. Definition of roles and responsibilities

GP+S competencies
GP+S is the right partner, especially for medium and large companies planning to set up a well-grounded content marketing approach:

  • Methodological expertise: GP+s has rich experience in all areas relevant to strategic content marketing: Formulating a corporate vision, segmenting target groups, selecting and orchestrating marketing channels and measuring Performance
  • Technical expertise: Because of its broad industry knowledge and expertise concerning a broad variety of topics, GP+S is able to establish valuable cross-connections which enable a holistic view on the content needs of target groups and provide the right conditions for creating and aggregating Content.
  • References: Content marketing is an integral part of many GP+S projects, e.g. content sourcing for an online portal, creation of whitepapers used for lead nurturing or customer success stories such as benefit case studies for reference marketing activities.